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The pinnacle of a tool used for a luxury experience, the Griffworx cigar cutter is made using techniques and materials foreign to the cigar world, but very familiar to high end knife aficianados. The only cigar cutter on the market that uses third generation powder metallurgy blade steels, which we heat treat, then cryogenically temper for optimal durability and a super fine cutting edge. Another aspect you will not find anywhere else is a 100% billet machined construction, no casting, no stamping, on any part, ever. This means the grain structure of every part is uniform and intact, making it much stronger than a cast counterpart. These feature a neodymium magnetic action in lieu of springs, resulting a great tactile feel, longer service life from less moving parts. Each cutter has two cutting blades to insure a clean cut on all sides. All cutters are held together with 5 titanium screws, and can be resharpened by the end user, or sent back for resharpening at no charge. As with all of our products, these have a full lifetime warranty. 



Body: Fine bead blasted billet 6al-4v titanium 

Blade: ZfiNit primary / ZfiNit secondary

Custom finish by Devin Mendez


Billet Titanium Cigar Cutter (Zfinit blades) Mendez Custom